THE EPIPHANY OF THE LORD                                                                                                         JAN. 3, 2016              



May this be the year

all the world hears

Christ's message of peace

and chooses to live by it.


                  Francis J. Abbass

                      Parish Priest  





          Mass: Saturday 4 pm, Sunday 10 am

           Weekday Mass 10 am in the Glebe



LECTORS 2016 SCHEDULES now in vestry


CWL DUES collected until Jan. 31 Find special CWL  envelopes in the foyer.


SYRIAN REFUGEES If you wish to give through this parish to the refugees, please put cheques or money in the collection at Mass. Write cheques to St. Mary's and we will give a tax receipt.  We are passing on these donations to Sydney's St. Marguerite Bourgeois Parish who are organized to bring families to Sydney. Donors who specify another wayto deliver their contribution to refugees, we will oblige,as we can.


PANCAKE/SAUSAGE BREAKFAST Legion, East Bay, Jan. 10, from 9 a.m. Ph 564-0672.


                                                      PARISH SUPPORT

                                       December 20th         $ 2404.15

                            December 25th         $ 4387.70

                            December 27th         $ 1665.70

                            Syrian Refugees       $ 2140.00                                                                                    

                                                               Thank You



CHURCH ENVELOPES for 2016 are now in foyer